Car Suspension Repair

Your car’s suspension includes a large range of components that make it work properly. This system includes tyres, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages connecting your vehicle to its wheels. Car suspension service ensures proper vehicle handling and ride quality.


Warning Signs

How do you know when your suspension needs attention?
Your car itself will give you signals where urgent inspection is required.
Operational signs that point to your suspension requiring swift service include:

Your car dips forward when you apply the brakes
Tyres are showing unusual tread wear
Fluid is leaking from shock absorbers
Your car doesn’t handle properly when you drive around corners

Any of these are signs your car suspension should be inspected as soon as possible.
We offer full brake services for European and Japanese cars

Supercharge suspension performance

Suspension sets the tone for your car’s safety and performance. Multi-faceted is the best way to describe your car’s suspension. Tyres, tyre air levels, springs, shock absorbers and linkages connecting your vehicle to its wheels. All are components encompassed within your car suspension system.  A multi-faceted suspension system requires comprehensive servicing. Depend on MechaniCar for exactly that.

Entrust your valued vehicle’s suspension servicing to MechaniCar’s our leading VACC-approved workshop and cutting edge technologies. Our team of experienced client-focussed mechanics deliver suspension services that achieve outstanding handling and comfort not to mention safety. As you would expect, we are an AWN authorised provider for warranty repairs with extended warranty options. As a standard, we warranty our servicing work for 6 months or until your car reaches 5k km, whichever comes first. A complimentary floor clean will complete every suspension service.

client care

Our complimentary vehicle pick-up and drop-off services means your car is taken care of while you are free to spend your time elsewhere. Or take advantage of our complimentary loan car that is yours until we have completed your suspension service. Of course you are always welcome to relax in our waiting room while enjoying free wi-fi and complimentary coffee too.