Transmission Service

Perhaps you know your car transmission system as your gearbox. No matter what name it goes by, transmission is a major and sophisticated component of your car. Transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels so it is a key player in overall vehicle control.  That is why a thorough transmission check is a core part of regular log book servicing. Though there may be times when your transmission needs attention all of its own.


Warning Signs

When your transmission health is lacking so is your car’s power and safety.
Early spotting of transmission glitches can do much to uphold the integrity of your car’s performance.
Should you notice any of the following, it is time to book a transmission service with MechaniCar:

Clunking and whining noises coming from the transmission
Lack of response when accelerating and decelerating
A burning smell coming from your car
Grinding gears – this will differ in automatic and manual transmissions
Noise from the transmission when in neutral
A dashboard warning light turning on

Transmission service is recommended as part of the log book service at regular intervals.
However, there are times when your car’s transmission may need service outside of these intervals

Easy and convenient transmission servicing and repairs

Leading technology. Experienced mechanics. VACC-approved workshop. This is just a taster of what MechaniCar brings to its transmission servicing. If you are local to Cheltenham, Highett, Mentone, Moorabbin and surrounds, MechaniCar is the transmission service provider of choice. Our complete service includes:

  • Draining old transmission fluid then removing and cleaning the pan.
  • Thoroughly inspecting drained fluid to identify any hidden transmission issues
  • Removing and replacing the transmission filter
  • Replacing the pan and fitting a new gasket
  • Filling the transmission with new fluid and testing for leaks.
  • Road testing your car to ensure correct transmission operation post-service
  • Full complimentary car floor cleaning

Extra peace of mind is yours thanks to our comprehensive warranties. We are an AWN authorised provider for warranty repairs with extended warranty options. As a minimum, we warranty our transmission services for 6 months or until your car reaches 5k km, whichever comes first.

Total client care

At MechaniCar, we extend our superior service beyond delivering exceptional transmission performance. Servicing Cheltenham, Highett, Mentone, Moorabbin and surrounds, we are committed to making your life easier. Our complimentary vehicle pick-up and drop-off services takes the hassle out of transmission servicing. Or you can take one of our complimentary loan cars until we have finished your transmission service. Meanwhile our waiting room is open to you anytime with free wi-fi and complimentary coffee thrown into the mix.