Wheel Balancing

Life is about balance and so is attentive tyre maintenance.
A MechaniCar wheel balancing service ensures you:

  • Keep your steering wheel and tyres facing directly ahead
  • Prolong the life and performance of your tyres
  • Maintain the health of shock absorbers and steering components
  • Optimise the overall performance and safety of your car

Wheel balancing to improve your vehicle’s performance and safety

when your wheels are not in balance it can accelerate the wear of shock absorbers, struts and other components of the steering and suspension system.

Our highly experienced mechanics use the use advanced wheel balancing machines. The process includes spinning the tyre and wheel to locate the heavier part. A small weight is attached on the opposite side to balance the wheel. Our wheel balancing service ensures that heavy spots that may cause vibration and premature tyre wear are eliminated for your wheels.

Your local wheel balancing service

Prestige European cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are our speciality. Yet we deliver an exceptional wheel balancing service to Japanese models and indeed, to any car. Are you are local to Cheltenham, Highett, Mentone, Moorabbin or surrounds? Make a date for your car to reap the benefits of a wheel balancing service from MechaniCar.

Noticing out of balance wheels
What happens when a vehicle tyre is out of balance? For starters, it can cause degenerative damage alongside decreased driving comfort. This is because one section of your tyre will be heavier than the other sections. Out of balance wheels can accelerate wear of shock absorbers, struts and other steering and suspension system components. You may also notice your steering wheel or car vibrating or tyres making excessive noise.

The wonders of wheel balancing
Fortunately, there is a simple effective way to keep your wheels in wonderful balance. MechaniCar’s leading VACC-approved workshop leverages advanced wheel balancing technology to deliver exceptional results. Our highly skilled mechanics will redistribute weight around the tyre to rebalance it. Using our sophisticated technologies, our team spin the tyre and wheel to locate the heavier part. Next, they will attach a small weight on the opposite side to balance the wheel. Heavy spots can cause vibration and premature tyre wear. Trust our wheel balancing service to eliminate heavy spots from your wheels and restore pristine driving performance.

At MechaniCar we stand behind our work. That’s why we warranty our servicing work for 6 months or until your car reaches 5k km, whichever comes first. As an AWN authorised provider for warranty repairs, we can offer extended warranty options too.

Wheel balancing
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MechaniCar delivers smoothness and simplicity across our entire service delivery. Our complimentary vehicle pick-up and drop-off services are designed to make your life easier. It means you needn’t sweat getting your car to us for service or collecting it after. Alternatively, we can offer you a complimentary loan car that is yours until we have finished your wheel balancing. Or simply take a load off in our welcoming waiting room where free wi-fi and complimentary coffee flow freely.