Log Book Service

Log book service is a fundamental component of attentive car servicing. Meticulous log book servicing by MechaniCar optimises:

  • Safety and reliability of your car
  • Maintenance of your manufacturer warranty
  • Resale value and opportunities

Leverage Your Log Book Servicing

Diligent log book servicing is the most basic yet effective way to get the best out of your car. Stay rigorously up to date with replacement of important parts that commonly undergo wear and tear.
Brake pads and shoes are good examples. Likewise, ensure that oil and other fluids are changed regularly as stipulated in your manufacturer’s log book schedule.
Log book service makes it simple to never miss a trick. Maximise safety and performance while minimising damage to your valued vehicle.
MechaniCar can take care of it all so you can simply relax and enjoy your car.

Luxury service for you and your log book

At MechaniCar, we strive to deliver customer service that mirrors the ease and joy of driving a prestige vehicle. That is why our log book service approach is effortless for you yet exceptionally effective for your car. Our complimentary vehicle pick-up and drop-off services means you need not take time out of your busy day to facilitate your log book service. If you prefer to bring your car to us, we will offer you a complimentary loan car to drive until we have completed the log book service. Of course you are always welcome to relax in our waiting room while enjoying free wi-fi and complimentary coffee too.

Meanwhile, our cutting-edge VACC-approved workshop operates with the brilliance brought by our team of experienced client-focussed mechanics. Thorough floor cleaning is all part of our package so your meticulously serviced car will be returned to you in pristine condition. As you would expect, we are an AWN authorised provider for warranty repairs.  Ask us about our extended warranty by our trusted Australian warranty network. As a standard, we warranty our servicing work for 6 months or until your car reaches 5k km, whichever comes first.

Looking for your next log book service?

Don’t delay
your log book service

Delaying log book service can result in damage and unsafe performance. For example, oil needs to be changed at regular intervals to ensure it protects the engine. Also, worn-out brake pads and shoes can hinder braking performance and reduce safety. There are many other reasons why you need to get your log book service at intervals recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer.